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Faruss Auto cares for your vehicle.

Whether it’s time for your next factory recommended maintenance visit, a routine oil change, new tires, or repair services on your brakes, muffler and exhaust, suspension, air conditioner, or any other mechanical or electrical component of your car, Faruss Auto is right here to help.

Faruss Auto

What Makes Faruss Auto the Smart Choice for Your Fleet

Faruss Auto has put together an entire package of repair and preventative maintenance services specializing in quick, timely repairs to minimize down time of your Motor Vehicle.

Fleet Benefits – Corporate Oversight, Preventative Car Care, Pick Up & Drop Off, Convenient Hours, and Towing Available

Auto Repair Services

We offer a variety of services and repairs so that you can count on Faruss Auto Inc for all of your vehicle’s needs.

CV Joint- Engine Repair

CV joints are a collection of bearings and cages that are protected by the CV boot, including axles and joints. Faruss Auto performs regular inspections of the boot. We will ensure it is sealed so no dirt or grime gets in to wear down your joints, which will provide you with a smoother ride, including rear wheel drive vehicles. We will replace all bad CV Boots, CV axles, CV joints, axle shafts, ball joints and axle.

Body work - restoration

Repairing the body of automobile requires experience, in-depth knowledge, and a diverse skill set. At Faruss Auto, our approach to solving problems is compared to none other. In addition, body work and body repairs are important prerequisites for a custom paint job. Techs at Faruss Auto take extra care to remove a vehicle’s old paint during our body-repair process and to etch prime bare steel on the body to protect the vehicle.

Advanced Electrical Diagnosis

Electrical systems are becoming increasingly complex. At Faruss Auto, our expert technicians can diagnose and fix the problem to get you back on the road. Electrical system repair or replacement includes: Battery– checking cleanliness, connections and charge Alternator– proper charging, connections, and belt tension Starter– checking cleanliness and connections Cables & Connections – removing rust and corrosion Coil Over Plug Testing- with our high end diagnostic equipment we can determine exactly which coil is faulty. In addition to providing service on your battery, alternator, and starter.

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Faruss Auto is a Liberian owned business since 1993.